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What If I Die

If you die whilst an active member of the Scheme and still employed by the Company, a cash lump sum will be paid. Other benefits may also be payable to your dependents, including a spouse, partner or children.

There are two very important forms which you must complete and keep up-to-date. Firstly an Expression of Wish Form on which you can specify who you would like the lump sum to be paid. This will help the Trustees to make a decision on who should receive the benefit. Secondly, if you are not married but living with a partner, you can nominate the individual to receive a pension by completing a Dependent Partner Pension Nomination Form. If you do not complete this form the Trustees cannot pay a pension.

It is possible to complete an Expression of Wish Form and Dependant Partner Form online by logging into Hartlink.

If you leave the Company but do not take or transfer your benefits you become a deferred member. If you die whilst a deferred member Spouse’s and Children’s pensions are payable.

Last updated: 03/11/2015