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I am leaving the Company. What will happen to my pension?

As a member of the Defined Contribution Section of the Scheme you have 3 options:

1. Your Pension Account can be transferred to another Registered Pension Scheme or Personal Pension Plan, (you will need to notify the Scheme Administrators of where you would like your benefits to be transferred to within 6 months of leaving the scheme).

2. Your Pension Account can be left where it is. You would no longer pay contributions. However your account would continue to be invested until you take your benefits from the Scheme. You will still be able to choose how these Investments are managed.

3. You can receive a refund of the value of the contributions which you have paid into your Pension Account (this option is only available to members with less than 2 years membership in the scheme). From October 2015 new members will only be due a refund of contributions within their first 30 days of service.