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How do my contributions become a pension?

The contributions paid into your Pension Account are the start of a long journey. Your Pension Account will grow from the contributions paid by you and the Company and it will also benefit from any investment returns you may receive. 

When you reach retirement you can use your Pension Account to:

- buy a pension for the rest of your life

- buy an income drawdown product

- take a single amount or separate amounts as cash

The amount of pension you receive will depend on:

- How much you contribute

- How much Anglian Water contributes

- How long you save for

- Investment performance

- If you take any of the Pension Account as a lump sum (Up to a maximum of 25%)

- The type of retirement package you choose

- Any charges from the insurance company providing the annuity.

At retirement the Trustees offer access to an Independent Financial Advisor to help you to make the right decision about your retirement options.